How to measure a cubic zirconia stones?

The weight of a diamond carat is different from the weight of a cubic zirconia because of differences in density. A cubic zirconia is approximately 75 percent heavier than a diamond. Cubic zirconia stone is measured in millimeters and use carat weight for comparison to diamonds. A one-carat diamond is comparable to a 6.5 mm cubic zirconia, but the cubic zirconia weighs 1.75 carats. When sizing a cubic zirconia, jeweler's equipment is used and basic knowledge of loose stones is needed.
Measure the Stone
First:Use the tweezers to grasp a stone and place it in the gauge. The measurement of the stone should be in millimeters for cubic zirconia.
Second:Place the stone on the scale. Note the weight in points. One hundred points equal one carat. One carat is approximately the size of a 6.5 mm cubic zirconia stone, which should weigh 1.75 carats.
Three:Use a gemstone reference chart that provides the properties for the gemstone. These include RI, birefringence, optic character and sign, specific gravity, crystal system, pleochroism, Chelsea filter reactions, spectroscope spectra and gemological comments on the gemstones.
How to Measure Cubic Zirconia
You know diamonds are forever, but they're also very expensive. Sometimes you just want to wear a nice looking piece of jewelry that won't cost you an arm and a leg, and buy a cubic zirconia instead. These synthetically made gems look so similar to diamonds that you can hardly tell them apart without a specialized instrument. They are 1.7 times denser than a real diamond, so carat size between the two is not equal. If you want a cubic zirconia that looks like a 1 carat diamond, measure the stone and use a comparison chart to determine the size.
1.Find a tape measure that measures in millimeters. Set the cubic zirconia face up on a flat, clean surface. You are measuring the diameter of the cubic zirconia at the widest point. This is usually the area that separates the crown, or face of the gem that is visible in a jewelry setting from the part of the gem that is not visible. Place the beginning of the tape measure next to the cubic zirconia on one edge and stretch it tightly down to the other end of the gemstone. Measure to the very edge. Write down the corresponding number in millimeters.
2.Print out a cubic ziroconia carat conversion chart. Most jewelers that sell cubic zirconias provide a comparison chart online on their websites.
3.Compare the size of your cubic zirconia in millimeters using the chart to convert to carat size and to determine the equivalent diamond carat size. For example, if your cubic zirconia measures 6.5 mm, it is equivalent in size to a 1 carat diamond, but it it is more dense, so it will feel like 1.75 carats.

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