How to make Loose Cubic Zirconia Stones?

Cubic zirconia stones is very beautiful gemstones, but do you know how to make cz stones?Today let me show you how to cut loose cubic zirconia stones.

The cut in any gemstones, all depend on the skill of the cz stone cutter. The cutter must evaluate a gems crystal carefully to determine how much of the crystal should be cut away to produce a gemstones with good clarity. The cutter must also determine which stone shapes will make maximum use of the crystal. The cutter must make as much use of the crystal as he can, as diamond is too valuable to waste.

Proportion plays an important part in the cut of a stone. An ideal stone is cut to mathematical specifications to allow a maximum amount of light to be reflected through the stone. This type of cut is known as the Brilliant cut. Variations from these set proportions can reduce the brilliance of the stone. When working with cubic zirconia, a cutter might find it more cost wise to vary from these angles in order to remove a flaw or inclusion, yet still retain maximum carat weight. As counterfeit diamond crystals are more moderate in cost and almost flawless in clarity, larger stones can be cut to correct proportions.

There are several steps in cutting. First, the cz stone is marked to indicate cleavage planes and then cleaved to give initial shape to the stone. Since cubic zirconia readily splits in directions parallel to the octahedral crystal face, it can be cleaved using special tools impregnated with diamond powder. An alternative to cleaving is sawing, which is used to remove flawed areas (imitation stones won't have as many) using a small disk of phosphor-bronze impregnated with diamond on its edge. Precision programmable machines are now used to cut stones to a predetermined measurement (called calibration), so that every stone can be produced in the same size, shape, and depth.

The next step, called bruiting or rounding up, consists of rounding the corners of the cleaved edges. This is accomplished using a machine equipped with a diamond tool called a sharp.

After bruiting or rounding up, the cz stone is faceted using a cutting wheel made of cast iron. Polishing follows a secondary faceting operation.

The final step is a thorough cleaning by boiling in acid to remove all traces of oil, dirt, and diamond powder. After stones are inspected under a microscope, they are packed in a foam package.

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