How to create cubic zirconia stones lab created gemstones ?

Cubic Zirconia has been the largest competitor to the diamond ever since it’s mass production began in 1976. Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is extremely rare in its natural form, this may be surprising until we understand that virtually all cubic zirconia stones used to make jewelry is man made. However, CZ was not initially made for jewelry, Russians were searching for a substitute to the ruby, which they could use in lasers making laser production cheaper.  

Cubic Zirconia gemstones has become popular due to it can be cut and colored many different ways to make a variety of jewelry. High quality cubic zirconia loose stone can even be difficult for a jeweler to decipher with the naked eye. Since it’s debut in 1978 cubic zirconia has become more and more popular, with about a 10% growth rate and acceptance as the diamond substitute it shows no signs of slowing down. Although there has been a new diamond substitute introduced called synthetic moissanite the process is more expensive than the skull melt technique, making it less cost effective. Cubic Zirconia will surely continue to show up across jewelry stores for some time to come, especially as it is becoming more and more socially accepted.


From the stone that is produced there are a variety of shapes, cuts, and colors that can then be made.


  Chemical additive (in addition to small amounts Ca or Yt)  Color produced
  None  Clear
  Cerium oxides - CeO2, Ce2O3  Red, orange, and yellow
  Copper - CuO, Iron - Fe2O3, Nickel - NiO, Praesiodymium - Pr2O3, and  Titanium - TiO2  Yellow, amber, brown
  Erbium - Er2O3, Europium - Eu2O3, Holmium - Ho2O3  Pink
  Chromium - Cr2O3, Thulium - Tm2O3, Vanadium - V2O3  Olive Green
  Cobalt - Co2O3, Manganese - MnO2, Neodymium - Nd2O3  Lilac, violet
  Larger quantities of stabilizer  Sapphire blue, emerald.

There are 8 steps to cutting cubic zirconia stones/lab created gems from China manufacturer/factory:

Step1:Choose material, there are different quality grade for cubic zirconia raw material.We usually use A or B grade to make cz stones.
Step2:Cut raw material piece by piece.
Step3:Raw modeling.
Step5:Glue cubic zirconia stone on metal bar.
Step6:Cubic Zirconia polishing
Step7:Finished loose cz gemstones
Step8:Quality checking

We make raw cubic zirconia material to finished cz gemstones by our experienced and skilled workers can supply
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