How to Choose Your Cubic Zirconia Stones

Many individuals choose the beautiful cubic zirconia. This allows individuals to have the look of a flawless gemstone without the price. When choosing a piece of jewelry made with cubic zirconia, you must first decide on the cut wanted. Many of the more popular choices are round brilliant cut, marquise cut, oval cut, pear cut, heart cut, square princess cut, asscher cut,  trillion cut, cushion cut and radiant cut.

Once the cut is chosen, the color of the cubic zirconia gemstone must be selected. Clear CZ stones will give off a reflection of the surrounding light causing a rainbow of colors. You might want to opt for cubic zirconia stones in colors of pink, purple, olive, champagne, black, lavender, blue, garnet, orange, smoky, violet, green apple, yellow, emerald green, brown and more. Be sure to avoid cubic zirconia stones that have a dull or somewhat cloudy look to them. The regular quality is AAA quality, there is another option that is top quality AAAAA with great brilliance. 

how to choose cubic zirconia stones

The more light that your cubic zirconia stone receives, the more it will sparkle and shine. This will depend greatly on the setting or mounting that you choose. Stones are held in place by the mounting or prongs. Most commonly, the prong setting that is chosen is four or six. This increases the light amount that reaches your stone. 

Potential buyers of cubic zirconia should always remember that you only get the quality of stone that you are willing to pay for. This is true of all types of stones and not just cubic zirconia. If you choose a cheaper variation of the cubic zirconia, you may not get the look of a real diamond. We usually provide AAA quality at cheap wholesale prices and top grade AAAAA cubic zirconia at as low price as possible to our customers. Because we are real factory and cut stones directly. 

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