Girdle of Cubic Zirconia Gemstones Synthetic Gems

The girdle is the thin perimeter of a cubic zirconia, dividing the crown above from the pavilion below. When viewing a cubic zirconia in its setting or from a profile view, the girdle is the widest part (or the circumference) of the polished cubic zirconia - the portion of the stone that makes contact with the setting itself. When loose cubic zirconia are measured, they are measured by the girdle to obtain length and width in millimeters.

The girdle of a gemstone refers to its widest point and is where the bottom of the crown meets the top of the pavilion.The girdle is where a gem is held when set in jewellery. In a channel, tension or bar setting, the girdle is held in a groove between the metal; in a prong setting the stone is held just above the girdle on the crown. In a bezel setting, the supporting metal is bent over the girdle all the way around the perimeter of the gemstone.

In modern gemstone preparations, brilliant cut cubic zirconia (with triangular-shaped facets) usually have a faceted girdle rather than a perfectly round girdle; this gives the gem a higher measure of transparency.

Cubic Zirconia Gemstones Girdle

Girdle ratings can fall into one or more of the following categories: Extremely Thin, Very Thin, Thin, Medium, Slightly Thick, Thick, Very Thick, and Extremely Thick.When purchasing  loose cubic zirconia, girdle is not a significant consideration, as a thinner or thicker girdle will not necessarily have a significant impact on the appearance of an otherwise well-cut cubic zirconia. However, the variation between the thickest and thinnest points on the girdle is considered in the assessment of a CZ's symmetry, as a significant variation can make a cubic zirconia appear disproportioned. For those seeking ideal cut diamonds, we recommend looking for a stone with a girdle rated somewhere between Thin and Thick. A perfectly proportioned diamond would have a Medium girdle rating, though ratings close to Medium are also considered to be expertly cut.