Gemstone Durability

Even though gemstones are usually made from rocks or extremely tough minerals, they are graded on their durability.  Durability usually is the term given to gemstones to denote how well they stand up to everyday daily wear, as well as specific factors such as hardness.  Here is some more information.Many gemstones are extremely durable; they can stand up to practically anything in the world and come out unscathed.  One example is the diamond.  It is extremely hard and very, tough. However, hardness alone does not necessarily mean that a gemstone is durable.  For instance, Topaz is generally a hard substance, however sometimes sunlight alone can remove or lighten the color.  Another example is the Emerald, it is very hard substance, but it should not be washed with special solutions or exposed to heat.

Some gemstones are impervious to scratches, others can scratch easily.  For instance, Turquoise can be scratched easily and is brittle in many cases.  For the most part it is covered in resin to protect it.
It should be noted that hardness is generally associated with the term durability.  The scale used the most to determine minerals hardness is the Moh’s hardness scale. However, there are several minerals that are extremely hard, but very brittle.

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