European Standard Machine Cut Heart and Arrow Cut Cubic Zirconia Stones

Many people well know round brilliant cut cubic zirconia gemstone and it's April birthstone-Diamond(Simulated Diamond).The young couple would like to diamond ring for their wedding.April Birthstone Diamond from the other transparent stones distinguished by the ability to decompose the incoming light into all the colors of the spectrum, so that the polished face breaking out and play with bright colors.

The cut of a Heart and Arrow influences how effectively it reflects light. Well-cut Cubic Zirconia appear fiery and brilliant and allow light to enter the stone and be reflected around the facets before exiting the stone through the top. Poorly-cut CZ can appear lifeless and dark, despite their clarity or color grade.The culet is the face on the bottom of a CZ Stone that looks like a point. The culet is often polished to be flat during the manufacturing process.The girdle is the outer edge of a Cubic Zirconia—the thin unpolished band around the widest part of a CZ. The girdle protects the edge of the stone from chipping. Crown % of Cubic Zirconia refers to the distance from the diameter of the CZ to the bottom-culet facet. The percentage is calculated as follows: Distance from diameter to bottom-culet facet/diameter.Pavilion % of Cubic Zirconia  refers to the distance from the top-table facet to the diameter of the CZ. The percentage is calculated as follows: Distance from top-table facet to diameter/diameter.

Machine Cut heart and arrow cut cubic zirconia

All of the hearts and arrows cut cubic zirconia bezel, star, upper girdle, lower girdle, and pavilion main facets must be aligned precisely 180 degrees opposite of each other or the "H&A" pattern will be incomplete, misalign, faded or distorted in its appearance. All the facets must be exactly the same shape and size. If the cut of the cz is even slightly asymmetric, it results in uneven or incomplete display of the pattern.

To gain this optimum reflection and refraction of light, the cutter must be willing to sacrifice expensive rough cz material, losing a significant percentage of costly rough stone to yield a smaller cz of superior beauty. Whereas it takes an hour to polish a standard cut, the "Ideal Cut" can take up to four days. As a result of the extremely complex cut and occurrence of a rare phenomenon, the cz stone exhibit a complete "Hearts & Arrows" pattern (as shown below) that cost more to produce than a regular round or even a standard ideal cut cubic zirconia.

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