Cubic Zirconia Stone Uses for Jewelry

Although best known for replacing diamonds, cubic zirconia stones now replace many other precious gems.
Using additional elements in varied amounts, such as magnesium, iron, nickel and copper, cubic zirconia
stones can assume colors of varied hues and depth. Today, cubic zirconia stones are sold as alternatives
to many precious gem stones, particularly birthstones, such as the sapphire, amethyst, topaz, ruby and

Because cubic zirconia stones are not as resilient as diamonds, the substitution of cubic zirconia stones
for diamonds is limited to superficial purposes.Diamonds may be used to create heat sinks or small parts
for tiny mechanisms that require durable or abrasive material. As the hardest mineral, diamonds are efficient
in fragmenting hard materials. Diamonds are used for constructing industrial drill bits, cutters and grinders.
The abrasive property of diamond pieces is efficient for industrialized polishing.

Cubic zirconia stone wildly used in ring,necklace and earring for jewelry industrial.It's very popular and 
cheap loose gemstones.
peridot cubic zirconia stone

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