Colors Synthetic Opal Custom Cut Wholesale Price from China Supplier

Natural opal is beautiful and colorful gem, it's very attracted and amazing colors. But natural opal is very high price and can't find a perfect one. So other opal replicas are created by man, it's refered to "synthetic opal" or "lab created opal", there are many colors options, it's same as beauty as natural ones. What's more, it's much cheaper cost than genuine stones. We can cut it with any custom shapes like cross, pineapple, evil eye, bull , cabochon, carving wing and more. If you are looking for loose synthetic opal gemstones, please contact us to get more detail. You will get free quote.

fancy shape synthetic opal

synthetic opal wholesale supplier

There are over 40 colors and 100 shapes to choose, please contact us to get detail of symthetic opal gems.