Breakthrough for Cubic Zirconia Stones Suppliers from China

Thanks to the ongoing development of technology, the quality of cubic zirconia stone has improved enormously in recent decade years, allowing the manufacture of more varieties of novel shapes, sizes and colors. Its sparkle can even be compared with that of diamonds, turning it into one of the popular materials for industry practitioners. 

Wuzhou has long been renowned as the capital of cubic zirconia gemstones in China. Since processing of the gemstones was introduced in the 1980s, both technology and facilities have continuously advanced, driving the entire industry forward. Wuzhou has accumulated three decades of experience, design and know-how while keeping abreast of the times, taking its cubic zirconia industry to another level and making it the major sourcing hub for the stones around the globe. 

Automatic mechanization of processing of the gems has scaled new heights in the industry’s development from 2011,it will not only reduce production cost, but also optimize CZ quality.Refined processing skills and various shapes and colors are attained through mechanization, at the same time speeding up and raising the cost-effectiveness of the manufacturing process. As a the biggest city of cubic zirconia manufacturing base-Wuzhou,it help many companies to take more market share.

The rapid change in fashion styles and a trend toward personalized fashion jewelry has given the market more room for higher-end products and more interesting colors and shapes.So CZ will be widely used not only  jewelry,but also another industry such as shoe,cloth and belt.

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