Black Spinel Gemstones Wholesale China Manufacturer

People usually know black cubic zirconia gemstones,but there is another black stones-black spinel. Today let me show you what is black spinel and why balck spinel is popular gemstones:

It is not known for certain how the name Spinel originated. The most common suggestion is that it may have derived from the Latin word 'spina' meaning a thorn, possibly referring to its fiery color or the sharp pointed crystals that are found within some Spinels. Spinels were often referred to as 'balas rubies' in ancient times. 'Balas' or 'Balascia' is a territory in Northern Afghanistan known as Badakshan where Spinels may have first been discovered. This area in the Middle Ages was an active gem-producing region that had discovered large beautiful red to pink Spinels that were thought to be rubies and considered the best rubies of their time.

Spinels are associated with love and help the wearer to put their ego aside and become devoted to another person. Spinel also encourages passion and is said to increase the duration of one's life.
Black Spinel in particular is said to be a protective stone and helps re-establish relationships and resolve issues. It is also believed to relieve sadness.

Spinel is a durable stone that lacks cleavage and for this reason it is suitable for all jewelry purposes. It is most often found in round brilliant cuts, and due to its rarity Black Spinel cannot currently be found in calibrated sizes.Now we also manufacture black spinel for many jewelry manufacturers and designs.