Black Smooth Cubic Zirconia Rice Shaped Olivary Bead for DIY Jewelry

Cubic zirconia is the fashion jewelry's ideal partner, it's more and more popular in the world. Perfect cutting, excellent brilliance and fire, VVS clarity are easy to achieve.It have the characteristics of the diamond and own competitive prices. Rice smooth olivary beads CZ is attractable for handcrafted bracelets. There are many colors to pick up as you request.

    black smooth cubic zirconia olivary bead          Rice shaped smooth cubic zirconia olivary beads

Material: Cubic Zirconia(synthetic gems)

Color: white/clear, yellow, lavender, purple, peridot, garnet, pink, orange, blue, green, champagne and more.

Shape: rice smooth beads

Size(mm): 4x6    5x8    6x9    8x10    6x16    8x12     8x16    10x14    12x16    13x18    15x20    20x30

Drilled-Hole: Available

MOQ: 500pcs

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