Aquamarine Blue Color CZ Stones Octagon Princess Cut  Loose Stones

Aquamarine is a stunning gemstone but expensive in price tag, now you can have a beautiful cubic zirconia with color of aquamarine at very low price. The following is octagon princess cut CZ with aqua. color and look like a real aquamarine stone. Most of our cubic zirconia stones are on the market for jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Each piece is flawless without inclusion unlike natural stone and widely set to rings, necklaces and pendants. 

                       octagon princess cut aquamarine cubic zirconia                        Rectangle princess cut cubic zirconia wholesale

Material: cubic zirconia(lab created gemstones)

Color: aquamarine(sea blue or navy blue)

Cut: octagon princess cut (cut corner)

Quality: AAA , AAAAA

Size(mm): 5×7          6×8        7×9          8×10           9×11           8×20        5×20         10×12         10×14          10×16                 12×16        13×18        15×20            16×22      20x30             20x40

Are you looking for octagon princess cut aquamarine color cubic zirconia stones? 

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