Antique Cushion Faceted Double Checkerboard Cut Cubic Zirconia Gem Loose CZ Synthetic Aquamarine Colour Machine Cut Man Made CZ

Aquamarine is very popular gemstones and antique cushion is classical shape for gemstone cut. Loose cubic zirconia is able to make to cushion style with double checkerboard cut. Since we  can get synthetic CZ rough easily, we can cut stones in different shapes as you like. Are you looking for beautiful and unusual aqua. CZ?
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antique cushion faceted cubic zirconia aquamarine
Material: Synthetic Zirconia

Shape/cut: antique cushion double checker cut

Color: aquamarine blue

Quality: AAA

MOQ: 100 pcs

The following is regular sizes as for your reference:

3×3mm      4×4mm     5×5mm       6×6mm        7×7mm       8×8mm      9×9mm      10×10mm      12×12mm

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