AAA Quality White Loose Cubic Zirconia Stone Wholesale China

Many jewelry manufacturers and designers usually look for good quality cubic zirconia stones for jewelry setting.But they will ask our sales specialists to quote them all quality of cz gems and then they chose different grade stones.As a matter fact, they usually purchase AAA quality  loose cz stone after samples confirmation.

Due to our experienced and skilled workers and advanced facilities,  we supply AAA quality white cubic zirconia stones to our clients which meet them request and at cheap prices.Cubic Zirconia hardness is 8.5 and good refraction same as diamond, so white cz stone can instead of diamond which very expensive offer.Now we make
white loose cubic zirconia stones with AAA grade at wholesale prices.Many jewelry manufacturers would like to buy brilliant cut cubic zirconia from our factory directly.

Round brilliant cut zirconia stones look like diamond, but the price is big gap  both them.Cubic Zirconia is synthetic
gemstones and made by lab created form.Besides round brilliant cut cz stone,There are many cutting cz for your choice.For example:pear cut,heart cut,marquise cut,baguette cut and trillion cut. Different jewelry  manufacturers do what they would like to design new style cubic zirconia jewelry.

If you look for better quality than AAA grade cz gemstones, we also can make top AAAAA quality gemstones.You also can buy some stones as for your reference.

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