14K Gold Filled Beads Jewelry Findings Wholesale from China

14K gold filed bead is smooth seamless surface bead. Gold filled uses a karat gold overlay which is then bonded to a brass inner core. We supply gold filled with1/20th 14 karat gold, meaning, it is 5% 14 karat gold by weight with a brass inner core. 14K gold beads are light yellow and beautiful jewelry findings. There are many sizes of gold filled beads for your choice. It can be used for crafting project or handcrafted jewelry. It's different from gold plated beads, gold filled beads are better than gold plated ones. If you are looking for gold filled beads, please feel free to contact us to get more detail.

14k gold filled beads wholesale China

14K gold filled beads jewelry findings China

Size(mm): 2.0   2.5   3.0   4.0    5.0   6.0   7.0   8.0   9.0   10.0
Drilled Hole: Yes
Color: 14K light yellow ( 14K rose gold color also avaiable)
MOQ: 100pcs

We have another 14K gold filled jewelry findings as well !